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Equality Objective

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To improve the knowledge and understanding of (name) School in relation to the Equality Act  Protected Characteristics, and in particular, how they can contribute to differing educational outcomes for pupils.

To improve our school’s stakeholder engagement (most specifically with the parents/carers of current pupils), and particularly where national, local and school data indicates that educational outcomes are unequal.

To identify areas where additional future Equality Objectives could be developed in order to reduce gaps in attainment, foster good relations and/or promote and enhance community cohesion.

In order to achieve this Objective the school will identify Equality Advocates/Champions* who will act as Lead Professionals in developing their knowledge and understanding of each of the Protected Characteristics.

*We will ensure that each Advocate accesses relevant and appropriate CPD in order to support our school in meeting the duties of the Equality Act, and each Advocate will be our school’s main point of contact for the relevant Protected Characteristic.


This Objective will clearly target the development of knowledge and understanding in relation to each of the Protected Characteristics in order to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations


Our Advocates will demonstrate increasing levels of awareness, knowledge and confidence in relation to the specific Protected Characteristics; will access relevant resources and CPD; and will contribute to raising levels of awareness in our school, and to developing appropriate strategies to challenge differential outcomes.


We will ensure that the members of staff selected as Advocates are enthusiastic and can see the benefits of embedding equality in our school, as well as recognising the benefits for their own personal development.

We will be supported by the local authority through training and the provision of contacts and resource materials to make sure this Equality Objective is achieved in our school, enabling us to identify the issues and champion the best educational outcomes for all our pupils.


The Equality Act 2010 has clearly set the agenda for advancing equality of opportunity and fostering good relations. Our school endorses this vision, and seeks to develop its capacity across the board, to deliver the best educational outcomes for all children and young people in relation to the Protected Characteristics.


We will review this Objective annually during the four-year period, and evaluate the effectiveness of this system of Advocacy. Relevant Equality Information will be published and Equality Analysis conducted on an annual basis, and will contribute to this review and evaluation process.

This Equality Objective will be achieved at the end of the four year period at which time it will be reviewed and renewed.

Additional Equality Objectives will be identified during the four-year period as appropriate.