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Newsletter 24/03/2015

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Dear Parents,

As this is the final newsletter of the Spring Term I would like to wish all pupils and parents a very happy Easter Break.

Thanks to the PTFA

I would like to thank all members of the PTFA for their hard work and the fantastic fund raising activities during the Spring Term. The Easter Bingo was a very enjoyable evening and £730.92 was raised in total.

So far this year the PTFA have contributed to the following projects:

  • £1000 towards the cost of the coach transport to the Isle of Wight for the Year 6 residential visit.
  • £500 annually towards the £1080 transport costs of swimming for Years 5&6 (again the school will cover the rest of transport and tuition costs).
  • A contribution towards the cost of polo shirts for the School Choir and Stringissimo Orchestra.

These are just a few examples of the projects that have been funded due to the hard work of the PTFA.

W/C Monday 13th April (first week back after Easter holidays)

Monday 13th April

Return to school – registration @ 9.00am (doors open @ 8.50 am)

Tuesday 14th April

Y5 & Y6 on school trip to Stonehenge. Depart 9 am – packed lunches needed. Return to school by 3.20 pm. Letter to go out.

No Choir until next week.

There will be Homework Club (3.20-4.15 pm) this week

No more Kick ‘n’ Tricks on a Tuesday and not until Mr Yeo sends out letters for the next club which will be on Mondays

Wednesday 15th April

School Nurse to carry out annual Height/Weight/Hearing & Vision checks on all pupils in Acorn class (YR) – see school office if you wish to opt out

There will be Orchestra (3.30-4.30 pm) with Miss Trenchard

No Art Club this week – will start next week (3.30-4.15 pm) with Mrs Wheble & Mrs Peters

Thursday 16th April

No Boys’ Football Club until after Mini Marathon training finishes (event is on Sat 16th May) – see Mr Martindale for more information

Running Club training (3.30-4.30pm) for Mini Marathon event continues with Miss Garton

Puppet Club (3.30-4.00 pm) continues with Mrs Birt

Friday 17th April

Y6 Swimming starts – one piece swimming costume plus towel

Matthew Kitley