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Equality Objective

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15th November 2017 - 15th November 2021

To address pupil mental health and wellbeing as part of our commitment to preventing mental health difficulties that may start in childhood but have a greater impact in adult life.

That specific mental health difficulties can impact on children now and in their adult life.

Increase awareness of health and wellbeing and promoting resilience within our pupils.


Young people's attitudes will change and be positive, building up their resilience.

Data of vulnerable pupils is analysed e.g. Wiltshire tracker.

All stakeholders are involved in regular reviews of mental health issues and concerns.


Link through:

PSHE, Circle Time, British Values lessons, E-safety, Anti-bullying workshops/assemblies

Assembly to address issues

Pupils who are vulnerable contribute to school groups e.g. School Council, Homework Club, Stringissimo Orchestra, Key Stage 2 Choir, ELSA drop-in group

CPD mental health training for relevant staff (including the school ELSA), this will be shared with all staff.

Assessment co-ordinator to look at data tracking systems - Wiltshire Tracker

School counsellor available for children who we have concerns about

School ELSA available for children who need additional support or if we have concerns about them



The target is of importance to us as a school because we want our pupils to be resilient, happy and have good mental health. We want them to leave our school prepared for their next journey with a positive way of thinking and having skills to help them through their lives.



Pupils to have opportunities to talk, reflect on-going all the time

Staff to attend CPD on mental health and to feedback during the next 4 years

We will review this Objective annually during the four-year period, and evaluate the effectiveness of this system.


This Equality Objective will be achieved at the end of the four year period at which time it will be reviewed and renewed.