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Welcome to Woodlands Primary School, Salisbury, Wiltshire. We hope you will find the website useful but please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Woodlands Primary School, Salisbury provides a safe, caring and stimulating environment for all pupils, challenging them to achieve their full potential through equal access to an appropriate balanced and differentiated curriculum and at the same time developing skills for lifelong learning.
We are a one form entry school with an on site nursery. Our nursery and reception aged groups combine to form an integrated teaching and learning provision across the Foundation Stage age range. This unit provides for continuity of learning experiences while including an appropriate level of challenge to meet the needs of all the children.

Woodlands Primary School was inspected by Ofsted on the 12th and 13th of March 2014. I am delighted to say that we were graded as a, “good school” and we were graded as consistently Good in all four categories – Achievement of pupils, Quality of teaching, Behaviour and safety of pupils and Leadership and management. We are particularly pleased with this result because the Ofsted Grading Criteria was made significantly tougher from January 2013 onwards.

The OFSTED inspectors described our school as good in various ways:

  • All groups of pupils are achieving well. They make good progress from their starting points.
  • The quality of teaching and learning is consistently good, and at times outstanding.
  • Teachers provide challenging and stimulating work which successfully engages the pupils.
  • Pupils were full of admiration for the teaching they receive.
  • Teaching assistants are effectively deployed, well trained and make a valuable contribution to pupils’ learning.
  • The Headteacher and staff have created a very caring and positive school environment in which pupils learn and develop well.
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. In some lessons, and in assembly, behaviour is exemplary.
  • The school provides exciting learning opportunities, with art and music being strengths.
  • Pupils feel safe and well cared for by staff. The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is good.
  • Partnerships with parents and carers are good. Parents are pleased with the care and education provided.
  • In mathematics pupils are making good progress. They consolidate and extend their calculations skills well.
  • The marking of pupils’ work is constructive and helpful. Good work is acknowledged and praised. Clear comments help pupils to improve.
  • The school’s records show that incidents of unacceptable behaviour are rare. The clear systems of rewards and sanctions are consistently implemented by all staff.
  • Members of the governing body are enthusiastic, supportive and very much involved in the life of the school.
  • The highly regarded Headteacher conveys ambition and high expectations to pupils and staff. Other senior leaders and staff share the headteacher’s aspirations and determination. All are firmly focussed on raising pupils’ achievement and providing high quality teaching. Pupils’ learning and welfare are clearly ‘at the heart’ of everything the school does.

I am very proud of our pupils who showed the inspectors that they always work hard, behave well and enjoy their learning.

  • Pupils were full of admiration for the teaching they receive. Their comments included,’We get better each day because our teachers help us.’ ‘They make learning fun.’ ‘Teachers help us learn difficult things.’ The positive views of parents and pupils reflect the findings of inspectors.
  • When asked if there was any bullying in the school, typical replies included, ’We hardly ever have bullying here,’ and, ‘If we do, the teachers deal with it straight away.’

I would also like to thank the large number of parents who completed positive surveys about the school on Ofsted Parent View and in the recent School Survey. The full report is available on the school website and the Ofsted website.


Ofsted English Subject Inspection – Thursday 31st January 2013

Woodlands Primary School had an Ofsted English Inspection on Thursday 31st January led by HMI Chris Nye. I am very pleased to say that we received a very positive report and the overall effectiveness of English was graded as good. The quality of the curriculum was graded as outstanding.

Summary of the main finding:

Achievement in English is good.

“Groups of pupils make good progress in reading and writing. This is because the school provides effective early interventions which are carefully matched to the individual needs of such pupils.”

The quality of teaching in English is good.

“Teaching is consistently good and some is outstanding. Lessons are very well structured and planned.”

“Creative and often inspirational teaching motivates pupils well and ensures a brisk pace to most lessons. This was illustrated by the imaginative way the ‘Story Making Project ‘is being taught so that there is a buzz of enthusiasm for writing throughout the school.”

“The school has been proactive in encouraging pupils to read widely and often for a range of purposes.”

The quality of the curriculum in English is outstanding.

The curriculum is outstanding because national initiatives have been imaginatively adapted to meet the very specific learning needs of all the pupils in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is kept under constant review and provides an exceptionally rich and varied programme which fires pupils’ enthusiasm. There is a strong focus on literacy across the curriculum and a strength is the way in which writing is purposeful and consistently identifies real audiences. Independent reading, writing, speaking and listening are extremely well promoted and skills are systematically developed. As a result, pupils are enthusiastic and confident, developing a love of literature and writing, and their achievement is rapidly improving. This rich curriculum is also enhanced by a range of trips and visits and the well-established link with Salisbury Playhouse.”

The effectiveness of leadership and management in English is good.

“Passionate leadership is effectively driving forward improvements in teaching and pupils’ achievement. Leaders at all levels make good use of accurate assessment and detailed monitoring data to set targets and measure the impact of training and initiatives on pupils’ achievement. They are successful in engaging parents in supporting their children’s learning and there is clear evidence that standards are improving across the school. Consequently, there is a good capacity to improve in the future.”

Areas for improvement:

ensuring that recent improvements in attainment are securely embedded

developing a common approach towards teaching handwriting.


We offer good provision across the whole curriculum. Our pupils are given many opportunities to learn new skills and knowledge using a variety of exciting initiatives, such as our Strings Orchestra "Stringissimo", whole class violin tuition, French classes and our links with the Salisbury Playhouse. This year our Year 5 & 6 pupils performed their own versions of The Butterfly Lion and The Long Walk at the Salberg Theatre. We have been awarded the Artsmark, the Eco-Schools Green Flag status, Healthy Schools Plus Status and Active Mark Status. These awards reflect the broad opportunities our learners have available to them.

There is also a breakfast club that starts at 8.00am every morning.

Matthew Kitley