• Work Time

    Mon - Thu 8 AM - 4 PM
    Fri 8 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Address

    Winding Way, Salisbury,
    Wiltshire,SP2 9DY

School Nurse

School Nursing Service

The School Nursing Service across Wiltshire is required to make sure that all children and young people in Wiltshire’s schools, colleges and academies have access to a school nurse to provide information and support to all school aged children and their families.

The school nursing service will:

  • Promote public health and healthy lifestyles
  • Safeguard children from harm and reduce risk taking
  • Provide health education and advice
  • Participate in national campaigns and initiatives e.g. national child measurement programmes
  • Deliver the national childhood immunisation programme
  • Provide school-based health clinics
  • Work with children and young people who have complex medical needs

How to refer to the service?

  • Children can also be referred by parents/carers as well as other agencies such as education staff, GP and social care. For more information on how to refer, please visit the Single Point of Access (SPA)
  • The school nurse can be contacted at the School Nurses’ Office on 0300 2470090.


What happens next?

Upon receiving a referral form or a self-referral a school nurse will make contact with the child or young person through school. Should additional information be required or parental discussion, this will take place prior to meeting the child in school.