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Healthy Eating

Good eating habits are developed during childhood. If encouraged to enjoy healthier food and drink early on, it is more likely that these positive behaviours will remain with our children throughout life.


Children spend, on average, a quarter of their waking lives in schools, so at Woodlands we recognise that we can have a positive influence over their knowledge, experience and behaviour. The knowledge developed in the classroom about a balanced, healthier diet, the food that is offered and promoted throughout the school day, as well as the attitude of the whole school community, can have a major influence on children.


The lifelong learning skills they need to make appropriate food choices and to develop a positive attitude towards diet and health can all be influenced at school. At Woodlands, we teach the children about healthy living through lessons such as PE, cooking (DT), Science and PSHE education, as well as through our Y2 Healthy Cookery Club and incidentally through the week.


It is important that messages about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles are consistent.

We firmly believe that both school and home need to work together to ensure the best outcomes for our pupils, and we are grateful as always for your support in this.


Ideas for Healthier Packed Lunches

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Healthy Me Family Project



Healthy Me Referral Forms can be found at https://www.wiltshirehealthyschools.org/documents/healthy_weight/HM%20Referral%20Form.pdf

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